Congratulations on completing the first ever AXEL Quest! You have solved our puzzles, now claim your prize of AXEL Tokens!

To claim your prize, you need to download the newest version of the AXEL Wallet, available on our website.

Once that is complete, read the following terms and conditions and, if you agree, then follow the instructions below to claim your prize!


Private Key: DJpfatxDzMkLCsEbLFfQPasquTMAM3QDHVPP6Fr2ERfthRWgv2Bn

Desktop wallet: “tools” icon -> “console” tab.
In the field of the bottom to type importprivkey <key> <ENTER>.
Create a new receiving address on the Desktop wallet
“file” -> “receiving addresses” -> “new” and copy the receiving address
Send the tokens to your receiving address by: “send tokens” -> paste address into the pay to field -> open coin control and input the quantity of your new tokens and hit okay -> click send and confirm the transaction.

The coins are now solely yours, you have won the AXEL Treasure Hunt!

If you didn’t receive the tokens, then someone else beat you to it, but don’t worry! We will be running multiple quests a day until we launch our new IEO on ProBit, this August 12th. Make sure to keep checking our social media channels to get a head start on the next AXEL Quest!

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