Simplify your digital life by accessing all your files in one place. 

AXEL has always been about making your digital life easy, seamless, and secure. Our latest extension of that philosophy is the release of our Virtual Drive technology. The idea of file management will be taken to the next level by letting you directly access any file from any device you own from your desktop without any delay. No transferring. No uploading. No lag.

Now, you’ll have an easy and secure solution to move, open, delete, and even copy and paste files between any connected devices – while maintaining control over their own data security and storage.

Taking Data Custody to the Next Level

The security and privacy of your data has always been one of the pillars of AXEL. We wanted to provide a way to easily access, share, and transfer your files without giving up control. The idea of data custody, your data belongs to you only, will be taken to the next level with the introduction of the Virtual Drive.

All your files on all your devices accessible from the convenience of your file browser (Windows Explorer or macOS Finder).

Given the unsteady climate of information privacy, we will continue to create solutions to enable users to take control and protect their own digital footprint. It’s an increasingly important issue, and we’re fortunate to be in a position to improve the options out there for people to protect themselves using our technology.

The Virtual Drive is available to all our AXEL Pro accounts today! If you haven’t already, you can upgrade to AXEL Pro and get Virtual Drive along with 20 GB of storage and other features like integration with Dropbox, Google Drive, and much more:

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