The time for CES is upon us which means the great tech minds from around the world descend upon Las Vegas to be introduced to the latest and greatest developments in technology.

CES tends to be a launchpad for products and services that will hit the market sometime during the upcoming year. As always there’s a lot to look forward to at CES and we are here to present what technologies we can expect to see at CES and what consumers can look forward to in 2017.

Here is the tech that visitors should keep an eye out for:

Virtual Reality:

Virtual Reality made a distinct impression for visitors at CES 2016 and now the question becomes how will companies expand VR’s footprint in the tech market?

One of the things to look for is how VR will work with live sports to offer fans an entirely new spectating experience. Another emerging technology is how VR will be used in the education sector to offer students unprecedented learning tools.


Augmented Reality:

Augmented Reality will always be seen by some as the little brother to Virtual Reality but 2017 will be the year that AR stands out on its own. We saw a taste of the impact of AR when Pokemon GO became all the rage in the mobile gaming world.

Companies took notice and AR stands to be one of the main attractions at CES. Look for seemingly unconventional applications of AR that will capture the imagination of users the same way that Pokemon GO did in 2016.

Internet of Things:

For the last few years of CES we have seen incremental growth in the IoT world and 2017 stands to be the year that IoT becomes mainstream.

CES will include many exhibits and presentations that will capture how IoT will break through the consumer market to become a common part of our lives. Keep an eye on new tools that make the use of IoT become a seamless experience for everyone.

Self-Driving Cars:

The world of self-driving cars has shown some fascinating developments over the last few CES’ and it will be interesting to see what will be unveiled in this sector for CES 2017.

Is Apple in or out on self-driving cars? Is Google making headways in the self-driving market? What about Tesla? And of course there’s the increasingly erratic situation with Faraday Future that will leave many attendees trying to figure out if they really have their act together or not.


Between all the talk of virtual reality, self-driving cars, and robots CES is starting to feel more like an episode of the Jetsons than a technology convention.

However the talk about robots is real. There have been rapid advancements in the field of robotics over the last few years and there is more promise to see some cool robots this year than ever before. Let’s see if these robots actually live up to the hype.

Not actual CES robot…but we can dream


We’ve seen the rapid growth of the wearable industry in 2016 but the question is, where are we going with this technology in 2017? On the one hand it seems the smart watch market is tapering off but we’ve also seen the long lineups around the country for people to buy the Snapchat Spectacles.

It seems like there is still a thirst for wearable technology and it will be interesting to see which companies will be looking to capitalize on the trend in 2017. As the line between fashion and technology start to blur, wearables could become one of the hottest items at CES.

Artificial Intelligence

Last but not least the one technology that is creating the most buzz before CES is Artificial Intelligence. Where are we going with AI? What are the practical consumer applications of AI? And what are some of the risks of AI? Expect these questions, and many more, to be asked and (hopefully) answered at CES this year.

This is definitely the worst case scenario for AI

So as you can see, whether you’re looking forward to wearing camera sunglasses or worried about Artificial Intelligence destroying the human race, there’s a lot to anticipate for CES. For more helpful tips on getting around CES please check out our blog post called Rookie’s Guide to CES and Las Vegas.