The cryptocurrency industry is exploding, and because it’s such a new field, there’s a huge shortage of skilled professionals with expertise in blockchain. Forbes reports that an average base salary for crypto jobs is north of $80,000, and technologists with the right experience could make as much as $220,000. That seems like a pretty good deal, and you don’t necessarily need to be an engineer or developer to ride the incredibly lucrative blockchain wave.

So let’s take a look at some of the most exciting jobs in cryptocurrency: what are they, what are the skills you need, and do these jobs come with free coffee? (Ok, maybe that last thing is something you can negotiate, but savvy candidates will demand that free coffee be written into their contract.)

Blockchain Software Engineer

One of the most in-demand skillsets are those of blockchain software engineers, which account for 19% of the jobs listed. Blockchain engineers will have solid programming skills and be able to develop applications using blockchain technology but also be able to work directly on the blockchain technology. A solid understanding of economics is recommended, and it won’t hurt to dust off those cryptography and system architecture skills if you have them.

If you have a background in programming but have no idea what on earth blockchain is, don’t despair! Since it’s such a new technology, pretty much no one has any idea what they’re doing, AND a bug or mistake could cost your new company millions of dollars. So if you know how to use Google and you like learning as you go / as your company’s financial ruin hangs in the balance, this is clearly the role for you. And if you do mess up, it is recommended that you have expertise in hiding under your desk and sobbing quietly. Don’t worry though: this is a skillset that most blockchain software engineers develop on the job!

Blockchain Analyst Relations Manager

Here’s a fun role for all you non-technical folks. An analyst relations manager will interact with research analysts to ensure they are kept up-to-date on all the wonderful things your blockchain offering provides. As Wikipedia puts it, you must “influence the influencers.

Your performance in this role will affect investor decisions and business deals your company enters into and, if there’s trouble, you will need to be proactive in your communication with analysts. This means you cannot hide under your desk when things go south, but you can certainly visit your cowering software engineer for periodic updates. Hey! I said periodically – now get out from under there!

Blockchain Research Analyst

In this role, you’d be one of the “influencers” that the analyst relations manager is desperate to impress. Research analysts may work at large consulting firms, or at start-ups that are building a name for themselves in blockchain expertise. Analysts work closely with the content folks to create reports and research collateral to sell to companies and executives desperate for information on the crypto industry.

One job posting at CoinDesk even promised “free caffeine,” which is one less thing you’ll need to demand during contract negotiations. Score!

Blockchain Architect

Blockchain architects are in high demand in the financial services industry as big banks try to determine how blockchain can be integrated into their legacy systems. Architects must have a deep understanding of how systems interact with each other, seeing the big picture and also zeroing in on the intricacies of blockchain solution implementation.

Responsibilities include designing blockchain architecture, executing proofs-of-concept, and – if you’re in a large corporation – screaming into the abyss as your recommendations go unheeded by belligerent software engineers and development teams. Just make sure you have your own desk in a dark corner of the company’s open plan office: you’ll need it to cry under!

Product Manager

Product managers need to have a deep understanding of blockchain’s capabilities in order to translate its technical intricacies into business features. This means you need to know enough to actually understand engineers when they talk to you, and be business-savvy enough to know how to turn their technical mumbo jumbo into things customers can use.

A good product manager is the bridge between technology and business, the engineers, and the customer and this role is even more essential in the blockchain space, where many people don’t have a good understanding of the technology. One product manager asserts that you must be able “to influence without having any formal authority,” which sounds fine if you like that sort of thing. You know who you are, I guess. There you go!

Marketing Manager

To succeed as a blockchain marketing manager, you’ll need a background in advertising, sales, or marketing, in addition to a solid understanding of blockchain’s potential. Your job is to raise awareness about how blockchain works, reach potential customers, and put your company on the map in an industry that is quickly becoming crowded.

A marketing manager needs to be able to formulate a unique story around their company using information gathered from all areas of the business, from development to final product. This will require getting engineers to talk to you, so it is recommended that you memorize some engineering jokes and recite them to your future technical friends. They will love it – trust me.

Data Scientist

Data is the heart of blockchain: inherent in all blockchain endeavors is the need to make sense of massive data sets, from transaction data to client insights. So it makes sense that companies are scrambling to find qualified data scientists.

To nab this job, all you’ll need is a Master’s or Ph.D. in data or computer science, and then of course you’ll need to figure out what exactly blockchain is. Good luck with that!

Machine Learning Engineer

Blockchain companies need to stay safe from hackers and other online threats, and an increasing number are doing so through the use of machine learning. All you need to start your career in blockchain as a machine learning engineer is a Ph.D. in machine learning and expertise in natural language processing and artificial intelligence. No big deal!

As a machine learning engineer in the blockchain space, literally everyone you meet will worship the ground you walk on due to the sheer volume of buzzwords in your job title, but please remember that with great power comes great responsibility. Your employer will likely do everything you recommend, despite having no clue what you’re talking about most of the time. But don’t worry: if you break something, simply blame that over-caffeinated software engineer cowering underneath their desk.

Writing About Cryptocurrency on the Internet

Don’t see yourself in any of the roles above? If you have no applicable skills or qualifications, simply read a short article on cryptocurrency and start writing. A helpful template for a title: “Can blockchain save (insert thing that needs saving here)?” You won’t really be adding anything to the world per se, but you will likely earn the status of Social Media Influencer, and your article will appear on Medium’s homepage.

Whichever crypto job you choose, just make sure you have loads of caffeine to fuel yourself in your new and exciting career, and please send my regards to the software engineer.