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Do you want to become a participant in one of the fastest-growing Masternode projects? You can host an AXEL Masternode and join a great team of privacy-focused network operators. These members are the backbone behind AXEL’s revolutionary file-sharing and online storage products. Our Masternodes facilitate file transfers while securing and authenticating our distributed, decentralized system.

As an AXEL Masternode holder, you are an active stakeholder in one of the world’s most robust distributed networks. You are a part of a dedicated community committed to creating a next-generation file-sharing platform. One that returns data custody to the users and rebels against the current established, centralized offerings from Big Tech.

To ensure easy access for participants and stability for the network, we created a tiered Masternode system. Most smaller, independent holders will opt to join Tier 3. No matter what Tier you’re a part of, you will enjoy active participation and a share of the network’s rewards.

To ensure easy access for participants and stability for the network, we created a tiered Masternode system.

Tier 1 Masternode

Tier 1 Masternodes carry the complete copy of our blockchain. They are distributed throughout the world to serve as the core components of our network.

The network is projected to host 50 Tier 1 Masternodes.

Tier 2 Masternode

Tier 2 Masternodes perform many essential functions. They serve as IPFS gateways that allow web users to access our distributed network. They also host the Masternode wallets used to store AXEL Tokens.

The network is projected to host 1500 Tier 2 Masternodes.

Tier 3 Masternode

Tier 3 Masternodes also host IPFS gateways that allow AXEL Go to function properly. They provide the fewest barriers to entry and allow operators of all means to become stakeholders.

The network is projected to host 4000 Tier 3 Masternodes.

A Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Utility Token

The AXEL Network has full blockchain integration backed by an environmentally-friendly Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm. In our PoS blockchain, our Masternode holders must stake a certain number of AXEL Tokens as collateral before being allowed to participate in the AXEL Network. Once deployed, Masternode hosts receive regular rewards in the form of token disbursements in exchange for their service.

The AXEL Proof-of-Stake blockchain doesn’t require the competitive “mining” found in the alternative, Proof-of-Work (PoW) method. This is why the PoS consensus uses up to 99% less energy than PoW solutions. The mining process requires an extraordinary amount of computational power, and therefore energy consumption. In fact, analysts estimate that the resources used to operate the Bitcoin blockchain alone outpace the energy consumption of entire countries such as Argentina! Knowing this, it becomes obvious that PoS blockchains are the more sustainable option.

AXEL Masternodes power the PoS blockchain behind our global network. Since they aren’t using vast computational power, what incentivizes them to validate transactions accurately? If they don’t, they lose the initial collateral they put up to participate. Also, AXEL Tokens are distributed to Masternode holders regularly to give them a vested interest in the blockchain’s security, integrity, and overall success. For more information, please read our White Paper.

AXEL Masternodes form a Green, Eco-Friendly, Blockchain Network!
AXEL is a Proof-of-Stake (POS)
Utility Token.

Requirements to Become a Masternode Holder

As an AXEL Masternode holder, you have the option to use your own hardware or work with a trusted host. To enlist help, we recommend visiting the following hosting sites:

Minimum system requirements:

Tier 2 Masternode
System Requirements

Dedicated VPS with Dedicated
IP Address (Supports IPv6)

Ubuntu 16.04 x64


8GB Ram

4000GB Monthly Bandwidth

Tier 3 Masternode
System Requirements

Dedicated VPS with Dedicated
IP Address (Supports IPv6)

Ubuntu 16.04 x64


2GB Ram

1000GB Monthly Bandwidth

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