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Share Anything With Anyone

Any size and any file type. Documents, pictures, music, videos – there are no limits to what you share with AXEL. No upload times no matter the size of the data. AXEL lets you stream files directly from one device to any other. Send huge video files, project folders, even the contents of entire hard drives to anyone.

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Just Right Click

Just Right Click

AXEL makes sharing files quick and easy. Most file sharing services need you to navigate to the file you want to share, wait for it to upload, then paste the link to the person you're trying to connect with. With AXEL, you can simply right-click on a file and select "Share" to send it via email or social media.

Customize Your Sharing

Customize Your Sharing

Gain total command over who sees your content and what they do with it. Set which pictures, documents, songs, and video files are downloadable, and which aren't. Choose if the links you send out have an expiration date. Completely control what happens to your content (even after you share it).

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The AXEL app is like a companion in your back pocket. Your content, your rules. Easy access anytime, anywhere, all day, every day. It's that simple.

Also available for iOS & Android.