Share with Confidence

AXEL Go is a decentralized file-sharing platform that provides unparalleled privacy and security to users. Take back custody of your data and share files on your terms. AXEL Go harnesses the power of IPFS technology and AES-256 encryption to ensure accessibility and confidentiality at all times.
Whether you have a business with proprietary documents or are a single user who values privacy, AXEL Go is the platform for you. Back up and share any file type with ease. AXEL Go has the ability to store the contents of entire folders in a safe environment.
The team at AXEL is dedicated to providing a great user experience. No technical knowledge is necessary to receive the privacy and protection you deserve. The elegant user interface allows for simple drag-and-drop or pin-and-share functionality!

The Power of  “Pin & Share”

To say AXEL Go is user-friendly is an understatement. It goes beyond the typical drag-and-drop interface to offer a different, even more convenient option. It’s called “Pin & Share” and it provides the ultimate in usability.

Once the AXEL Go application is successfully installed on your device, you have the option to Pin & Share files effortlessly.

For PC:

Simply navigate to the file you wish to back up or share, right click on it and select the “Pin & Share” option. It will automatically take you to the AXEL Go application, upload it, and provide a shareable link.

For mobile:

Find your file and hold your finger on it to bring up an options menu. From here, click on the “Share” or “Send Files” button, select the AXEL Go icon, and hit “Pin & Share”.

That’s all there is to it! You can even select entire folders. This makes distributing large portions of your hard drive a snap.

Take Control

Once your files are uploaded to AXEL Go, you have final control over them. You have the ability to protect your data with an encrypted password for an extra layer of security. Choose whether or not the intended recipient can download the files. Then, get your shareable link and send it off. Remember to set a link expiration date to safeguard yourself and prevent documents from being shared without permission.
All of these options are available to you, even after you’ve shared the file. So, if you forget to set a link expiration date for a sensitive document, no worries! You’re always in control.