A photographer selling photos.
A musician selling their songs.
A screenwriter selling a script.
A vlogger selling a video.
A graphic designer selling images.
What do all these people have in common? When it comes to selling their content they’re stuck using middlemen websites. Websites that charge ridiculous fees to let them sell their stuff. Websites that have restrictions on what can be sold, who it can be sold to, and even how much they can charge. Websites that control the content instead of creators themselves.
But what’s the alternative for content creators?
The alternative is the AXEL Exchange, a fully decentralized and distributed online platform that lets content creators sell their files directly to their customers. No more ridiculous fees. No more restrictions. No more losing control of content.
The AXEL Exchange gives anyone the ability to quickly and easily set up shop and sell any file for any price in seconds. Photos, videos, songs, documents, and even spreadsheets can all be sold on the AXEL Exchange.
Content creators do all the work, it was time for them to reap all the rewards…and AXEL is making sure it happens.

Powered by AXEL Technology

And here is the exciting bit, we’ve built it!  We are thrilled to give you a sneak peek at the demo of the functionality.
As we laid out in the first version of our white paper for the AXEL project, the AXEL Exchange will be a new element of AXEL’s distributed ecosystem. Currently in Alpha, the BETA AXEL Exchange is set to go live in the first half of 2019, where millions of users will be able to monetize their files without losing control. The release of the BETA product has been moved to be aligned with the release of the AXEL.NETWORK in the first half of 2019, a decentralized and distributed platform secured by AXEL token.
Why are we so early?
We knew there was a major gap in the marketplace and content creators would strongly connect with the concept of a marketplace exchange that eliminates the hated middlemen websites. The response to our original white paper was overwhelmingly positive and we set out to capitalize on this desire and accelerated the development timeline for the distributed AXEL Exchange.  Giving our users and future adopters ultimate data custody is incredibly important to us.
It was also important for us to demonstrate to our community and users that we are committed to delivering on our ambitions.  In an industry that’s been cavalier about transparency and delivering, we have and will continue to demonstrate that we can execute.
The AXEL Exchange will open up a host of lucrative business possibilities for content creators that never existed before including a potential audience that was previously not available to them.
With millions of users on AXEL already, and many more being added daily, the AXEL Exchange will allow content creators to connect with a strong network of potential buyers right from the start.
Sellers deal directly with buyers and buyers deal directly with sellers. AXEL facilitates the exchange on a secure and private system and everyone benefits

Powerful Cutting-Edge Technology

The AXEL Exchange will be on a globally decentralized and distributed network. It will be using the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) to create a Google Search-type engine to make it easier for buyers to find the content they want from sellers. This, in turn, makes it more likely for sellers to quickly and easily sell their content to ready-made interested parties.
Additionally, as laid out in our white paper, the AXEL Exchange will also become a part of the planned blockchain-powered AXEL Network upon its release. AXEL is introducing a process termed SOAP, where the AXEL token will be used to Secure, Organize, Authenticate, and Protect (SOAP) user data to enable users to have greater custody of their data.  Always.
As advocates of data custody, AXEL believes that protecting data and privacy is one of the most fundamental elements of any technology and the SOAP process will be an important part of the AXEL Exchange.
In its final iteration the AXEL Exchange will be unlike any other digital commerce platform in existence. It will be powerful, robust, and secure. It will allow content creators to benefit from their work in a way they’ve never been able to before and to connect with a larger audience than ever.
The AXEL Exchange will fundamentally change how we think about buying and selling on the Internet. The future of digital commerce no longer belongs to centralized platforms that control how things are bought and sold such as Amazon, eBay, Apple, and Google. The future of digital commerce will be decentralized and distributed and the power and control will be restored rightfully to the content creators themselves.
AXEL is taking the digital commerce world into the future with the AXEL Exchange. Join the future with AXEL today.