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So to celebrate, and in response to about 100+ questions about it, we’re pulling back the curtain on our AirDrop.

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Details Of The AirDrop:

1) Add your email and Ethereum wallet address to the list: +500 AXEL Tokens

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Registration for the AXEL AirDrop ends on 11:59 PM UTC on October 24th, 2018.

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All Tokens will be sent directly to your Ethereum wallet once the first phase of the AirDrop is completed.

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What Is AXEL?

Third party corporations increasingly control YOUR data. AXEL is providing the tools that give you a choice with what you can do with your files and information.

Specifically, we’re building a decentralized content exchange where ANYONE can sell and buy files with the utmost ease – all without spending a cent on start-up and without giving all their money away to middlemen.

We’ve been pursuing our vision of personal data ownership since 2012. Today, millions of people utilize our AXEL platform across Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. With 100+ veteran team members and numerous patents on our technology, we’re building the AXEL Token and Exchange as the next evolution of our mission.

We are in this for the long haul.

What Will The Token Be Used For?

The AXEL Token will allow you to do some pretty cool features in our app. For instance, it’ll eventually let you use Privacy Share, which will turn any file transaction effectively “invisible.”

In the future, we also plan to allow people to trade AXEL Tokens for videos, music, pictures, documents, games, programs – whatever it is you want to buy and other people want to sell. And on any other DApps people decide to create on our Exchange.

Our planned native AXEL Blockchain will also work alongside everything to facilitate near-instantaneous transactions and lower costs – without any compromises in user privacy.

500 AXEL Tokens Per Referral

Get 500 AXEL Tokens for every confirmed friend you bring onto the AirDrop.

There are NO limits to how many people you invite onto our project.

Tell your friend about us. Tell a thousand!

We want to show our appreciation for those helping us spread the word…

How To Get Started

Fill out this basic form. All we need is your email and your wallet address. Then simply follow the instructions to fulfill optional tasks to get more tokens.

We want to change how data is done.

Join us.

UPDATE (10/24/2018): The current AXEL AirDrop is now closed! You can still visit our website to learn more about the project.