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Virtual Drive

Simplify Your Digital Life

There are enough complications in life - your files don’t have to be one of them. AXEL Pro’s unique Virtual Drive technology lets you access and manage the files from of any connected device straight from your computer’s native file browser. Move, open, delete, and copy/paste files between devices with ease.

Share With Confidence

Intuitive Device Unification

Taking advantage of Virtual Drive is as simple as installing AXEL onto the devices you want to connect. These devices will pop up on your computer, where you can manage their contents just like any other folder on your desktop. Laptops. Phones. Tablets. Virtual Drive makes working with your entire file ecosystem at once a cinch.

Unify Your Access

All Your Stuff. One Place.

Virtual Drive lets you directly access any file from any device you own from your desktop without any delay. No transferring. No uploading. No lag. Do whatever you want with your files, no matter their size or type, from the comfort of your home computer - and all without opening up your internet browser. Stop thinking about your files, and just do.

Desktop Mobile

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The AXEL app is like a companion in your back pocket. Your content, your rules. Easy access anytime, anywhere, all day, every day. It's that simple.

Also available for iOS & Android.