Building solutions and bringing awareness to data custody.

Powered by IPFS and Blockchain

AXEL Go is not the typical file-sharing platform. It’s backed by two different decentralized technologies: the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) and a proprietary blockchain. Working together, they complement each other perfectly to provide secure, private, and high-performance file sharing and storage.

Whereas traditional servers access information via specific web locations, AXEL’s IPFS solution pulls the data from unique cryptographic hashes tied to the composition of the content itself. It’s a more efficient content delivery system that eliminates file duplication. This improves performance and decreases the overall bandwidth necessary to maintain the network since only one copy of a particular file can exist.

Then, using the power of the AXEL Network’s blockchain, content transactions are timestamped and secured in a transparent and immutable way. This is valuable in instances where proof-of-delivery for important documents is necessary, such as business contracts. Don’t worry, though; the actual files aren’t stored on the blockchain, meaning users gain the security and transparency benefits without sacrificing privacy or speed.

This exciting technological union results in a resilient system without a single point of failure. Hackers can’t target a single group of servers to disrupt the network and access user files. Content is a collection of ‘shards’ spread throughout the entire network. These distinct advantages make the AXEL Go platform a revolutionary step forward in the file-sharing world. Join us and liberate yourself from the clutches of Big Tech. Together, we can usher in a new era for the internet.