We make it simple for you to use our state of the art technology to
access, share and transfer your data to anyone in the world, without limits.


Fast, Safe and Private
File Sharing for the World!

Fast: Our global network of masternodes and servers ensures your files are ready to go, whenever and wherever you need them!
Safe: Securely share files with anyone, using powerful file encryption technology.
Private: You choose who can access your files and for how long they can be accessed.

AXEL™ will become the destination for users who value their data privacy and want to participate in the digital economy on their terms. We’re bringing fast and free private file-sharing to everyone, everywhere! Join today and receive free AXEL Tokens to get you started!

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Secure File Sharing

With data privacy and security being of greater concern than ever, AXEL GO was thoughtfully and intentionally designed to stand out from other services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and One Drive by providing deeper levels of data security and privacy that give total control and ownership of data back to the user.

First and foremost, our technology operates on a decentralized network, which allows for greater privacy as data passes through a single point rather than through a number of different points.

Additionally, AXEL Go offers users another level of security in the form of file encryption. For each file shared, users may choose to encrypt their data with a unique private key. For another party to retrieve the file, they must also possess the private key. As a result, a malicious party who retrieves the file from IPFS can’t do anything with it since they can’t decrypt it without the private key.

This lowers the risk of having a data breach and makes it extremely difficult for hackers and unwanted parties to obtain your personal data. It also means that users remain in ownership of their data and that users’ data remains completely private even from AXEL and it’s team members.

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Leveraging The Power of IPFS and Blockchain

Here’s where AXEL Go really stands out from the crowd. It is built to harness the power of both IPFS (Interplanetary File System) and Blockchain simultaneously. Both are decentralized technologies but IPFS provides the power of file encryption along with a more secure form of retrieving content. With IPFS, content is called by a unique hash, rather than by its location address on some centralized server. This approach alleviates users of having to keep their files on one centralized server that could expose all of their data if its’ security was ever compromised. Combining these two forces is what gives us the unique advantage of being able to encrypt, store, and share large files in a secure way where data remains private.
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