Full Control

AXEL Go empowers users to seize control of their files. You choose how protected you need your documents to be. Optional password encryption (details below) for shares* means extra security for sensitive information.

Users select whether recipients have download permissions. If you want to keep something confidential and off of unknown computer systems, you have the power. Set a link expiration date, or send a ‘Private Share’ to only a certain email address to ensure access to your files isn’t perpetual.

An unfortunate truth in life is you never know when a colleague or friend might become disgruntled or hostile. Competing file-sharing platforms that don’t account for this worrying reality could leave you in a troubling situation. Luckily, these options are available to AXEL Go users even after they share the link. So, if anything ever happens that puts your documents in harm’s way, you can always revoke access and adjust expiration dates to fit your needs. You have full control at all times. It’s a refreshing way to share information.

* Encryption is also available for online storage, but you must upgrade to a Premium account for $9.99/month to get this feature.

No Corporate Surveillance

Are you tired of Big Brother watching over you on other file-sharing platforms? The Big Tech platforms use centralized server farms with algorithmic monitoring and data mining. They use this information to serve personalized advertisements to users throughout their ecosystems. If you peer inside their privacy policies to find what else they do with that info, it usually isn’t listed in detail. Are they also selling it to third parties? It’s unclear.

AXEL Go ditches that model and uses a decentralized network of Masternodes. When you share a file, it is split up during a process called “sharding” and distributed to multiple independent nodes, eliminating the corporate middlemen.

You don’t have to put your faith in a singular “authoritative” entity to safeguard your documents anymore. Decentralization provides more security and privacy. So, while we aren’t Big Brother, you don’t have to take our word for it.

Optional Encryption

Users who need additional security for confidential files can use encrypted passwords. Select the “Encryption” option when sharing or storing documents and input a unique password. Once entered, the encryption process runs the original plaintext passphrase through an advanced algorithm that results in garbled, seemingly-random characters. Unless someone has the decryption key, the password is impossible to crack.

AXEL Go uses the trusted AES 256-Bit encryption algorithm to protect user passwords. AES 256 encryption is the official standard for the United States government and the only cipher approved by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) for use with top-secret information.

The possible combinations needed to be calculated by a computer to brute force crack the algorithm results in a 78-digit number. Consider that a billion possible combinations is only a 10-digit number, and you start to see how much security the algorithm provides. Experts estimate it would take the world’s fastest supercomputer billions of years to brute force its way through an AES 256 key.

AXEL Go offers encrypted shares for both the free Basic account as well as the Premium account. Tick the “Encryption” box when creating a shared link and enter a strong password.

Encrypted cloud storage is only available to our Premium subscribers. Premium AXEL Go accounts have numerous benefits for a small fee of $9.99/month. Any user who would prefer all of their files to remain password encrypted should look into our Premium plan.

Digital Private Property

AXEL is passionate about data security and data privacy. Only the content owners and the users they explicitly authorize can view or edit files stored on AXEL Go. No personal information or documents will be mined or sold to advertisers. AXEL believes the power of the internet can be harnessed without sacrificing users’ privacy. A digital future based on transparency and respect is possible, and we are committed to making it a reality.

The current path leads to a dystopian nightmare where people tolerate mass surveillance from governments and corporations alike. It’s time to take back your rights and assert that your documents are private property. A globally connected world is not incompatible with privacy and security.

AXEL: Securing data at rest and in motion.